Oil separators


Traidenis produce tanks with inside installation for treatment of surface wastewater contaminated with petroleum products under code name NGP™. Oil separators are used for treatment of surfaces wastewater polluted with oil products and installed in petrol stations, car wash stations, parking lots, garages, industrial companies (for separation of oil products from surface or industrial wastewater), railways, terminals, ports (for collection of oil products leaked from diesel locomotives, tank wagons).

Traidenis produce oil separators of the following modifications for treatment of surfaces wastewater polluted with oil products:

  • NGP and NGP-S;
  • NGP-L and NGP-L-S.

NGP and NGP-S oil- separators with coalescence filter and automatic gate as well as NGP-L and NGP-L-S oil- separators with coalescence filter meet the requirements established by standards LST EN 858-1:2002, LST EN 858-1:2002/A1:2004, LST EN 858-2:2003 and attributed to the coalescing oil separators of I class and have CE marking. 

The diameter of the bodies of NGP and NGP-L (without sand-catcher) as well as NGP-S and NGP-L-S (with integrated sand-catcher) oil- separators can vary from 1,2 to 4 metres, length – from 2 to 16 metres, efficiency – from 1l/s to 100l/s in one tank. With installation of several oil separators the efficiency of treatment plants is increased in parallel.

Main structural parts

1. Inlet.
2. Outlet.
3. Lid.
4. Ventilation.
5. Coalescence filter.
6. Automatic protection alarm system
7. Pipe for pumping out oil products

I . Sand catcher
II. Oil products separation chamber
III. Oil products separation chamber 

The plant consists of two or three chambers. First, surface wastewater passes to the first chamber where the flow of wastewater is settled. If the separator is integrated with sand-catcher, the sand and dirt deposit in the first chamber. From first chamber the wastewater passes to the second chamber with coalescing filter, where oil products bind into larger drops and rise to water surface more quickly. NGP and NGP-S type plants are equipped with absorption filters that keep back fine drops of oil products and partly dissolved organic substances (of surface activity).

The plant is equipped with automatic protection alarm system that gives warning on the accumulated layer of limit thickness of oil products.The installed float gate does not allow the accumulated oil products to pass to the chamber of absorption filters during the accident or service period.

The concentration of oil products does not exceed 5mg/l or 0,05mg/l in the treated surface wastewater depending on the construction of treatment plants.

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