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Thermo pool PREMIER

Thermo pool PREMIER

An outdoor pool is a popular way for spending your leisure time. It is a wonderful way to regain ones‘strength after a heavy work day, to have a nice time with your family, friends or colleagues.

Medical researches have confirmed that swimming in hot outdoor pool water poses a positive effect on blood circulation, temperature differences harden organism, relax central nervous system, and improve sleep quality.
Market offers various wood, polypropylene outdoor pools, heated by firewood.

Traidenis produces thermo pools from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). The main advantage and uniqueness of this thermo pool is ability to maintain constant water temperature of +39°C. 

No other outdoor pool can offer maintenance of constant water temperature. A human, staying in water with temperature of +42°C for 10–15 minutes, reaches a critical limit that poses danger to his life. Water temperature of +39°C is a maximum limit for a human, at which medics recommend to have a bath in.

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The following equipment is installed in thermo pool:
  • thermal regulator, allowing maintenance of constant water temperature of +39°C during winter/summer; during the first switch-on of water boiler, water in thermo pool heats up during 24-30 hours;
  • filtration system; chemical agents, intended for SPA thermo pools; there is no need to change water during the whole season;
  • electromechanical mechanism for pool coverage;
  • LED lighting, number of water/air nozzles, etc. is selected according to customer‘s request.

It does not matter, if it is winter or summer, as it is enough only to uncover the pool, controlled by a remote control switch or manually, and you can always enjoy +39°C  thermal water in the pool, standing in Your yard. Nozzle arrangement shall ensure inimitable effects, the swimmer shall have the possibility to enjoy the pleasure of full body massage, colourful lighting shall tranquillize. 

This is an outdoor SPA thermo pool, suitable for users with high demands for functionality and comfort.  

Technical characteristics


Note: it is possible to heat water by an autonomic boiler of solid fuel, to fill-up the pool by using hot water preparation system of the house. Water temperature is maintained by the help of electric heaters (required amount of consumed power during a winter month is up to 180 kW/h).

Thermo pool PREMIER

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