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Modular tanks up to 5000 m3

Modular tanks up to 5000 m3

Modular tanks are designed to store:  
  • Drinking water;
  • Technical water;
  • Wastewater;
  • Liquid manure;
  • Chemically aggressive liquid.

 Benefits of modular tanks:
  • Manufactured according to individual order;
  • Wide size variety (m3, Ø and L);
  • Nonstandard panel production possibility;
  • High quality materials;
  • Easy delivery and installation.
  • According to customer requests, a tank can be supplied with various types of ladders, platforms, inspection manholes and other optional equipment.

Modular tanks (presentation)

Tank‘s dimentions according to customer requirements

(examples of sizes)


Panel's height (L) can be 1 to 7,5 m and diameter (Ø) 8 to 50 m and larger

Modular tanks up to 5000 m3

You will find certificates here.

Modular tanks up to 5000 m3

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