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Exclusive diameter's tanks from GRP
2009 08 24
Exclusive diameter's tanks from GRP

Traidenis produced tanks from glass – reinforced plastic (GRP) which DN is 5m and length 11 m.It’s the first time when tanks from GRP of 5m diameter are produced not only in Lithuania but also in East and Middle Europe.

Traidenis got an order to produce 9 units of tanks (DN 5m, length 11m) last autumn. An order was given by company Manfula. Manfula was looking for a designer and producer of chemical resistant tanks and abroad, but because of reliability of technical personnel and modern manufacturing equipment it was choosen company Traidenis.

Transportation of tanks from Alytus (South of Lithuania) to Pasvalys (North of Lithuania) took about 10 hours.

Tanks will be used as bioreactors in a newly build bioethanol factory in Pasvalys city, in which rapes will be used for producing biofuel.

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